Additional Resources

Beginning with the development or/and revision of its next draft guidance document(s), SWGDAM will make a “Draft for Comment” or other work product available for the purpose of receiving comments from the general public. This “Draft for Comment” solicitation will be open for a minimum of 60 days, usually through

SWGDAM will make all reasonable efforts to advise the forensic DNA community of the open comment period for a proposed guidance document or standard, guideline, best practice, study, or other recommendation and/or finding via as many avenues as possible to include posting notices through discipline-specific and related professional organizations.

SWGDAM strongly encourages all interested parties to regularly monitor for the posting of such draft documents as well. All public comments received by SWGDAM will forwarded to the appropriate SWGDAM Committee for review and consideration as a part of its formal business practice for the development of the guidance documents or other work product.

The following information resources have been produced and reviewed by members of the Mixture Committee of SWGDAM and are available at