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In accordance with the SWGDAM Bylaws (Section V.C.5), SWGDAM will make any new or revised guidance or standard document(s) available for public comment for a minimum of 30 days. Generally, SWGDAM attempts to review its guidance documents within 5 years of their issuance and is usually actively revising at least one of its guidance documents at any given time. SWGDAM strongly encourages the forensic DNA community or other interested group to comment on the SWGDAM documents currently in this stage of development. Upon receipt, these comments will be forwarded to the appropriate SWGDAM Committee for consideration and may be incorporated into the final document considered for approval by the SWGDAM Membership.  

Alternately, SWGDAM may publish a response to a specific suggestion or recommendation on its FAQ Page for general information purposes. SWGDAM will make all reasonable efforts to advise the forensic DNA community of those documents currently available for public comment. SWGDAM strongly encourages all interested parties to regularly monitor for the guidance document(s) or standard document(s) currently available for public comment. Please use the contact portal below for providing comments on the SWGDAM document(s) available for public comment.

SWGDAM Documents Available for Public Comment


No SWGDAM documents are currently available for public comment. 

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